Online Fundraising

Collect donations through beautiful fundraising websites and donation forms. Run SMS and social media campaigns to bring more traffic and raise even more.

Fundraising Websites

Leave a Mark With Fundraising Website

Modern and intiutive fundraising websites are the best way to communicate your cause. Leverage the potential of our unlimited customizable pages to get more donors.

  • Free Image Library

    Take advantage of our free media library with over 2,000,000 photos and pick the perfect cover image for your page.

  • Powerful Story Editor

    Upload photos of your team, add YouTube videos, create bulleted lists and add links with our interactive story editor.

  • Customizable Donation Tiers

    Describe the impact of a donor’s contribution to your cause and increase your campaign's transparency.

  • Mobile Optimized

    Convert donations across all platforms thanks to pages that are optimized for all browsers, no matter the size or device.

  • Unlimited Pages

    Create as many pages as you need with no extra charge. Unlimited pages are available for free.

  • Optional Goals

    Define the goal amounts and help your donors understand why their support matters.

Donation Form

Collect Donations Instantly

Capture all your donor info — including comments, dedications and contribution allocations — from a ready-to-use universal Donation Form. Custom domain, branding, no setup needed, mobile-optimized, free of charge.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Expand Power of Your Team

Fundraisers are an easy way to leverage the power of your most loyal supporters and team members. Create a new page, share it with your supporters and let them fundraise on your behalf.


Capture Donations With Text-to-Donate

One of the easiest ways of mobile giving. Tell your donors to text a keyword of your choice to your phone number and they’ll receive a link with your fundraising website.

Donor Portal

Give Donors the Control They Deserve

Build better relationships with your donors using the Kindest Donor Portal. Donors can manage their donations and profiles or download receipts with a self-serve tool that saves both their time and yours.

  • Download Tax Recipts

    No need to search through old emails. Our donor portal allows quick access to downloadable PDF tax receipts anytime.

  • Restart or Pause Support

    An easy way for donors to restart canceled monthly donations or give more simply by clicking one button.

  • Update Payment Method

    Besides automatic card renewal, the donor portal allows donors to manually update their payment method.

Patented Donate Button

Increase the conversion of your nonprofit’s website. Our patented donate button technology provides easy access to Donation and Fundraising Pages for every new visitor of your own website.

Automatic Card Renewal

Never Miss Another Donation

Credit cards expire. There’s no way around that. Luckily, it’s no longer an issue for recurring donations. After a donor’s card expires, we automatically switch to the new one without any action needed.

Custom Branding

Make Your Brand Stand Out

Your brand is one the most important connections between you and your donors. Personalize the donor experience and let your brand color, logo and images stand out.

  • Branded Fundrasing Websites

    Customize the logo, brand color and buttons on your main storytelling device and make your campaign truly yours.

  • Branded Checkout & Receipts

    Keep visual communication consistent throughout the whole donation process with branded checkout and receipts.

  • Customizable Emails

    Both email automations and email campaigns offer you full customization of design as well as content.

Contribution Allocations

Give Donors Allocation Options

Allow your donors to choose which of your programs they want to support. Create an allocation list and track where your donors want you to help the most.

Recurring Giving

Convert One-Time Donors Into Reccuring

Give donors the option to make their impact bigger with recurring giving. Reduce churn with automatic card renewal and increase your monthly giving with monthly conversion automation.

SMS & Facebook Campaigns

Engage Supporters With Outbound Marketing

Text messages have a 5x higher open rate and 6x higher click-through rate than emails. Approach and convert your supporters with the most efficient outbound fundraising tools.

  • SMS Marketing

    With a 98% open rate, text messages are an extremely effective communication tool. Leverage their potential to your advantage.

  • Segmentation

    Send your campaigns to specific target groups like LYBUNTY/SYBUNTY or to supporters of specific pages.

  • Facebook Marketing

    Schedule and send Facebook posts to increase the impact of your fundraising websites.

Donor Covers Fee

94% of Our Donors Cover Fees

Thanks to our advanced UX, it’s super easy for donors to cover transaction fees and, in 94% of cases, they do. This way, you can be sure you receive the donation in full.

Mobile Optimized

Works Great Everywhere

Whether your donors are at home, working or on the move, you can be sure that they will always be able to access your pages and make donations with our mobile optimized workflow.


Let Donors Dedicate Their Donation

Allow donors to dedicate their donation in honor or memory of someone. Their dedications are automatically shared with the recipients of their choice.

More Payment Options

Your Donors Choose the Payment Method

Let your donors choose their preferred payment method and increase donor comfort. We support all popular payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

  • Bank Account (ACH)

    ACH allow donors to transfer their funds directly from their bank account. Instant and with reduced fees.

  • Apple Pay & Google Pay

    One of the most convenient and secure ways of giving, with reduced friction thanks to pre-saved credentials.

  • Credit & Debit Cards

    We support all major credit and debit card providers, like VISA, MasterCard, Citibank, American Express and Chase.

Custom Domains

Keep It on Your Own Domain

Host fundraising websites and donation pages, and send personalized emails right from your own domain or subdomain. Your own domain will deliver more trust and consistency to your donors.

Custom domain
Automated Payouts

Secure and Automated Payouts With Stripe

Donations and payouts are securely managed by Stripe. With Stripe Radar technology and its robust insights, machine learning and fraud risk assessment methods, you can be sure that all of your finances are safe and sound.

Corporate Matching

Double the Donation

Our integration with Double the Donation offers a large database of matching gift programs through the 360MatchPro matching gift plugin. You’ll never miss a match opportunity again.

Double the donation integration