Events & Ticketing

Organize events, manage tickets and collect donations with easy-to-use tools. Enjoy a seamless check-in experience with our mobile and desktop QR code reader.

Kindest events & ticketing
Event pages

Bring In More Guests With Event Pages

Promote your event with our beautiful event pages. Sell tickets, collect important information like meal preferences and collect donations. Everything you need for a successful fundraiser.

event page
  • Fully Customizable

    Your own branding, photos and video will make your next event shine. Take advantage of our free media library, with over 2,000,000 photos to choose from for the perfect cover.

  • Mobile Optimized

    Sell tickets and convert donations across all platforms thanks to pages that are optimized for all browsers, no matter the size or device.

  • Optional Milestones

    Define the goal amounts, help attendees understand why their attendance and support matters, and explain each donation's impact.

QR Code Reader

Easily Check In Guests With Ticket Scanner

Your team can scan QR codes and automatically check in guests. The QR reader works with smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs and scans both printed and digital tickets.

qr code reader
Event Automations

Engage With Your Attendees

Kindest sends automated email reminders to your attendees, making sure they’ll never miss your events. PDF tickets and event information are sent automatically after ticket purchase.

thank you note
Ticket Management

Track Sales With Ticket Management

Set multiple ticket types, quantities and prices. Each ticket can use custom fields to collect exactly the data you need from specific attendees. All data is automatically synced with your Kindest CRM.

ticket management dashboard
  • Robust Ticket Management

    Quickly find attendees with our powerful search engine. Manualy add new attendees, edit guest data and track event transactions.

  • Tax-Deductible Costs

    Define a custom tax-deductible portion of each ticket amount to control your real event costs.

  • Add to Calendar

    Supporters can effortlessly add your event into their own calendars, like Outlook, Apple or Google Calendar.

Event Manager Role

Your Team Takes Control

With multiple user roles, you can be sure that the right people have the right access. With restricted access, your onsite team can focus on checking in and providing the guest with proper guidance.

select role
Custom Attributes

Clothes Sizes, Meal Preference and More

Create custom attributes, gather supporters’ responses and export the results. Filtered answers provide you with important insights for your internal team and event suppliers.

custom attributes
CRM Integration

Attendee Data Synced With Your CRM

All data collected during a fundraiser is automatically synced with your donor data in the Kindest CRM. Donor history, t-shirt sizes and everything you need to track will always be easily accessible and ready to be exported straight from your dashboard.

crm sync