Nonprofit CRM

All your data in one place. Track and manage donors, transactions, institutions and relationships between them with our full-fledged nonprofit CRM.

Kindest dashboard
  • Donation Management

    Create and save custom reports, manage tax receipts or reply to new donations straight from your dashboard.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    With our unlimited CRM, you don’t ever have to worry about the size and growth of your audience.

  • Offline Donations

    A complete system for manual donation management with pledges, allocations, soft crediting and households.

  • Custom Segmentation

    Filter your audience based on tags or donation history, or use pre-defined conditions like LYBUNTY or SYBUNTY.

  • Integrations

    We work with all of your favorite tools. Expand the reach of your nonprofit CRM by connecting your favorite software.

  • Integrated Analytics

    Track donation data, quickly identify trends and take action to improve your ongoing campaigns.

Custom Segmentation

Have Control Over Your Audience

Bring a better way of organization to your donor management with custom segmentation. By combining smart filters and pre-defined templates, you will always be just one click from the data you need.

  • Pre-Defined Templates

    Seamless filtering thanks to pre-defined templates like SYBUNTY, LYBUNTY or recurring donors.

  • Custom Segments

    Create, save and manage your own segments. The list of all segments gives you a perfect overview of your audience distribution.

  • Outbound Marketing

    Send text messages or Facebook campaigns to segments of your choice.

Powerful Search Engine

Finding the right donor or transaction has never been easier. Just write the email, name or amount and our powerful search engine will show you the result instantly. No need to scroll through hundreds of records anymore.

Search bar
Custom Reporting

Complex Reports Done Easily

Create donation reports with custom filters and multiple conditions. Take advantage of our templates to generate one-click reports or make your own presets.

Integrated Analytics

Track Data and Make Informed Decisions

Visualized donor data helps you make the right decisions. Stay informed with our advanced analytics tools and steer your fundraising based on real activities rather than assumptions.

  • Source Breakdown

    Learn the exact source of your donation whether it came from an email, social media or an SMS campaign.

  • Week Days Performance

    Track performance of each week day based on money raised and plan your campaigns accordingly.

  • SMS Funnel

    Optimize your SMS campaigns with the data percentage of sent, received, opened and clicked text messages.

Donor Management That Makes Your Life Easier

  • Soft Crediting

    Add additional contacts to any donation to give credit and track your refferal network.

  • Pledges

    Make a record of a future donation that was pledged by an individual or institution.

  • Exports and Imports

    Work with third party systems and export and import donor records and transactions.

  • Custom Notes

    Keep important information about your donors, institutions or transactions right within their accounts.

  • Institutions

    Create and manage households, corporations, churches, DAFs or any other type of organization.

  • Roles and Permissions

    Invite unlimited numbers of admins, creators or accountants. Each role has a different level of access.

  • Reply Tasks

    Engage your new donors and reply to every new donation with pre-defined and custom answers.

  • Donor Tagging

    Asign tags to donors to create new segmenets and build your own organization structure.

  • Relationships

    Build and track relationships between families, employees or church members.