Email and Text Automations

Reach the right supporters at the right time. Our action-trigged automations are always on and working for you, even while you sleep.

Kindest automation editor
  • Text and Email Automations

    Approach your supporters with one-to-one text messages and emails to strengthen your donors' loyalty.

  • Fully Customizable

    Use our editor to edit logos and branding. Tailor the wording to your donor base. Our automations are fully customizable.

  • Behavior Based

    Each automation is trigged by donor behavior, making sure that supporters receive the right information at the right time.

Custom Thank You Note

Say Thank You to New Donors, Properly

A new donation is the start of a new relationship with your donor. Send a personalized thank you note with an official tax receipt and get off on the right foot.

Card Expiration and Renewal

Credit Card That Never Expires

When a card is approaching its expiration, donors receive an email to update the payment method. If they don’t, our automatic card renewal system will switch to their new card by itself.

Convert to Monthly

Convert One-Time Donors to Recurring

Increase your recurring giving. 7 days after a new one-time donation has been made, an email is sent asking the donor for continuous support.

More Kindest Automations

  • Donation Dedication

    Email is sent to a person associated with donation dedication made in honor or in memory of someone.

  • New Donor Welcome

    Email and SMS to a new donor 24 hours after they make their first time donation to your organization.

  • Monthly Donation Repair

    After monthly donation fails to collect a payment donor receives an email with option to update their payment method.

  • Monthly Donation Canceled

    Sent as a confirmation after canceling a monthly donation. Donor has an option to restart their monthly donation.

  • Restart Monthly Donation

    Sent one month after canceling a monthly donation asking the donor to consider restarting.

  • Personalized Reply

    Email is sent when replied from the dashboard with your personalized message.